Driven to
do more.

Ghost is developing the revolutionary device that turns your car into an autonomous vehicle on the highway.

Ghost chip
Ghost chip

A breakthrough in
crash prevention.

With the first crash prevention system capable of detecting any obstacle and reacting 5x faster than a person, Ghost is designed to keep you safe in even the most complex scenarios or unusual circumstances.

Making autonomy possible.

Unlike hands-free driver-assistance features, Ghost delivers autonomous driving so safe and so reliable, it does not require you to monitor the road or intervene.


For every car and every driver.

A 360° HD vision and computing suite with connections to the gas, brake, and steering to deliver a highway driving experience for your car.​

Ghost will be professionally installed in most models from 2012 and newer.

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Ghost will continually be adding support for more vehicles as it is designed to work with most models from 2012 or newer. Ghost does not offer support for cars with manual transmissions, motorcycles, RVs, or commercial trucks.

Ghost will be available to a select group of customers beginning in 2022. Customer delivery will depend on performance testing and regulatory approvals, which may vary by car model and region. Sign up to stay up to date and be notified when reservations open.

Ghost is an end-to-end highway autonomous driving system that uses cameras to collect visual inputs, a computer to make driving decisions, and connections to gas, brake, and steering to fully control your car. When Ghost is ready, just let go of the wheel and Ghost will take over. You can resume manual driving by using the steering wheel, gas, or brake pedal at any time.

Ghost will be capable of driving on eligible highways in the United States. Over-the-air software updates will be deployed after installation to deliver enhancements to your Ghost system and expand its coverage to additional highways and surface streets.

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