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Ghost is a revolutionary new system for your car so you can get more out of your daily commute.

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Sit back and relax

The only self-driving system so capable you can focus your attention elsewhere.

Owns the open road

Keeps up with the flow of traffic to get you where you need to go.

Beats the traffic

Ends the nightmare of stop-and-go traffic, turning any trip into extra time in the day.

Avoids objects

Reacts at lightning speed to any object on the road - 2x faster than human reflexes.

Evades bad drivers

Expects the unexpected - avoids unpredictable or dangerous drivers.

Day or night

360° vision and rapid response in any lighting condition.

For your car

Ghost connects 8 tiny cameras and a compact, ultra-powerful computer to the car you already own.

Maximum clarity

8x 13 MP cameras
8x 120° HD wide-angle lenses
Pixel binning for low-light sensitivity
1.12 μm pixels
30 fps

Maximum power

40x CPU cores
5x Graphics Processing Units
30 GB 1866MHz DDR4 memory
640 GB of Flash Storage
7.88 Gbps High-Speed PCIe Gen3 Bus

Front cameras and display

A beautiful windshield display sees what's ahead to guide your journey.

Side cameras

Blended into your car's interior door frame to eliminate blind spots.

Rear cameras

Placed on your license plate frame to always have your back.

Ghost self-driving computer

Tucked away neatly in a corner of your trunk.

The delivery and use of Ghost products will depend on our ability to meet certain reliability and performance levels, as well as receiving applicable regulatory approvals, which could take longer for certain car models and in certain jurisdictions. We continuously work to improve the functionality of our products, and as a result, some of the features depicted herein may be delivered to you via over-the-air software updates or equipment upgrades.

Pricing is subject to change. Financing options may be offered for Ghost Installation.

Real self-driving

Ghost takes the wheel on the freeway so you can do something else entirely.

For your car

Crystal-clear cameras and ultra-powerful computers seamlessly integrate with the car you have today.

Sit back and relax

Skip the monotony of long drives or the headache of bumper-to-bumper traffic with Ghost.

Coming in 2021

Accepting reservations this fall.
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Peace of mind

With faster reaction times, superior vision, and higher reliability than human drivers, Ghost eliminates the most common causes of accidents:

  • Blind Spots
  • Darkness/POOR LIGHTING
  • Slow/late reaction

the perfect driver

Proven Reliable

Aerospace safety for your car: the world's only formally verified runtime built specifically for your car, backed by fully redundant hardware to ensure perfect execution and unparalleled safety.

the perfect driver

Sees with 360º Clarity

No blind spots, never blinks: Ghost senses the world better than radar, lidar, or even you do, using the best cameras ever put in a production car to create 4D pixel-perfect clarity and navigate everything you might encounter.

the perfect driver

Reacts 2x Faster

The ultimate in collision avoidance: detects objects moving at you from any direction and reacts 2x faster than human reflexes, keeping you out of harm's way.

Self-driving, for real

Unlike Tesla Autopilot and other Level 2 driver-assistance systems, Ghost will deliver Level 3 Real Self-Driving capable of driving on freeways without any monitoring or intervention.

Basic FeaturesL2
(e.g. Tesla)
and speed
marked lanes
Normal traffic
Advanced Features
lane markers
Unusual obstacles
Other bad drivers
Driver Responsibility
Driver attentionRequiredNot
Emergency fallbackNone/YouGhost
Your max continuous free time30 secondsHours
BenefitDriver AssistanceReal Self-Driving

Professionally installed

Ghost is professionally installed in your car in just a few hours. Most vehicles from 2012 and newer qualify.​

  • Nearly Invisible
  • Fully reversible
  • 24/7 Support

Starting on freeways

Ghost will first work on the freeway, helping you get more out of your daily commute

Silver Lake to Santa Monica
Normal Commute:
60 Min
Hands-on-Wheel Driving
With Ghost:
6 Min
Hands-on-Wheel Driving
San Francisco to Cupertino
Normal Commute:
50 Min
Hands-on-Wheel Driving
With Ghost:
7 Min
Hands-on-Wheel Driving
Fort Lauderdale to Miami
Normal Commute:
50 Min
Hands-on-Wheel Driving
With Ghost:
8 Min
Hands-on-Wheel Driving
Lake Forest to Chicago
Normal Commute:
40 Min
Hands-on-Wheel Driving
With Ghost:
7 Min
Hands-on-Wheel Driving
The Woodlands to Houston
Normal Commute:
55 Min
Hands-on-Wheel Driving
With Ghost:
5 Min
Hands-on-Wheel Driving
Hackensack, NJ to NYC
Normal Commute:
45 Min
Hands-on-Wheel Driving
With Ghost:
9 Min
Hands-on-Wheel Driving

It's about time

Ghost is developing real self-driving for you and your car, giving you freedom on the freeways with a simple monthly subscription.

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asked questions

Ghost will work with most vehicles from 2012 and newer. If your vehicle isn't initially supported, rest assured that we will continually be adding support for more vehicles. Please note that we do not offer support for cars with manual transmissions, motorcycles, or commercial trucks.

Ghost is coming to freeways near you starting in 2021. We will notify you as soon as Ghost is ready for you to schedule an installation. Customer delivery will depend on achieving certain performance levels and receiving applicable regulatory approvals, which may vary by car model and region. Sign up here and we'll keep you posted on our progress as we continue working to bring self-driving to you and your car.

When driving on a supported freeway, just let go of the wheel and Ghost will take over. You can disengage self-driving by simply using the steering wheel, gas, or brake pedal at any time.

While Ghost is currently designed to drive your car on freeways, we plan to expand Ghost's coverage beyond freeways over time. Using over-the-air software updates, Ghost will add support for real self-driving on surface streets as well.

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