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The Ghost Driving Platform can deliver attention-free L4 self-driving to your next generation of vehicles.​


Breakthrough AI for perception and planning

Fundamental safety architecture

Optimized for low-cost sensors and compute

Low-code/no-code APIs for deep customization


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The Ghost
Driving Platform

The Ghost Driving Platform is a fully customizable autonomy solution that can be integrated deeply into your vehicles, delivering a seamless, intuitive self-driving experience that differentiates your brand.

driving stack
Ghost Driving Platform
Ghost Driving Software
Perception is a collection of physics-based, video neural networks that discover obstacles, road users, and road information from raw camera video and radar feeds in real time, providing accurate distance, velocity, and motion direction information.​
Safety is a set of integrated safety technologies that ensure that Ghost can drive safely inside its ODD without relying upon a human safety back-stop.
Self-Driving is Ghost’s driving and routing program that discovers scenes and drivable paths from Ghost Perception, and computes and executes driving maneuvers to optimize the route to a destination for safety and comfort.
Personalization is a suite of technologies to enable OEMs to deliver unique and personalized driving experiences for each vehicle model, and to allow customers to personalize their driving experience across all owned vehicles.
Ghost Reference Hardware
Ghost sensors are industry-standard high definition cameras and radars which can be integrated into vehicle-specific packaging by Tier 1 suppliers. This approach enables mainstream economics while feeding our perception AI algorithms with rich, raw sensor data.
Driving Computer
The Ghost Driving Computer runs Ghost's driving software on redundant CPU and GPU cores. The driving computer's reference design is optimized for lower power and low cost, and can be integrated by Tier 1 suppliers into vehicle-specific packaging.
Vehicle Interface
The Ghost Vehicle Interface is a dedicated computer that is responsible for interfacing with the car's control systems and CAN bus, as well as validating commands from the driving computer for safety and accuracy. In the case of system failures, the vehicle interface is capable of bringing the car to a safe stop autonomously.
Human-Machine Interface
Ghost's Human-Machine Interface makes Ghost feel like an intuitive extension of the driver. It is designed for deep OEM integration and customization, and features a set of low-code/no-code APIs to make it easily embeddable within the overall vehicle HMI.
Runtime OS
Ghost's Runtime OS is formally verified to ensure bug-free execution. The runtime OS has multiple layers of resiliency and redundancy to protect against hardware or software failures.
Ghost Services
Ghost Cloud
Ghost Cloud is a connectivity service that allows for bi-directional communication with Ghost-equipped vehicles. This enables OTA updates, uploads of video clips and logs from cars, and stores data in mechanisms compliant with global privacy regulations.
Ghost Train
Ghost Train is Ghost’s centralized supercomputer infrastructure for neural network training and validation. Ghost Train enables Ghost to continuously iterate and improve the features and quality of its driving experience.
Ghost Risk and Compliance
Ghost Risk & Compliance is a set of Ghost tools and processes to help Ghost support OEM’s processes for validation, certification, regulatory compliance, and audit/investigations.
recurring business model

Built to support an evolving, recurring business model.

The Ghost Driving Platform is made available to OEMs via a flexible business model that can support different levels of capability and cost across your product lines.

Ghost can facilitate and support a variety of OEM business models, whether your goal is to add autonomy to every vehicle, drive adoption of premium trims, or to equip vehicles to be autonomy-ready with optional up-sell or driving software subscriptions.

recurrin business model
recurrin business model

Full customization and seamless integration.

While other suppliers level the ADAS playing field, the Ghost Driving Platform enables individual car models to deliver the unique, on-brand driving experiences that consumers will love.​

Designed for extensive customization with low-code/no-code APIs, Ghost can natively integrate with your existing HMI, mapping, voice assistant, and legacy ADAS features.​

Building a different kind of
automotive technology company.

Much of the autonomous ecosystem is pursuing the same robotics-inspired, sensor-heavy approach to autonomy, and falling short of a solution that delivers scalable, safe L4 attention-free self driving to mass-market vehicles. Ghost has built a company and a culture that is focused on re-thinking the problem in four key ways:


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Download the Ghost Driving Platform tech brief.